SmartEar Pidgin plugin

Latest version: 2.6.5-1


Tired of rushing to the computer when you hear an IM noise, expecting an urgent message, only to find out it's your jerk cousin with news about his driveway basketball game victory? Sick of being interrupted by people you don't want to talk to? You need this plugin. With it, you can assign different sounds to play for different buddies or whole groups of buddies. SmartEar allows you to opt to play sounds when a buddy sends you an IM, signs on, returns from away or idle, or any combination of these, so you'll know by the sound what the important people are doing. You'll never have to talk to your relatives-in-law again.

This plugin is for Pidgin, an open source cross-platform IM client.


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Version 2.6.5-1:

Older versions

Install Instructions from Source

Follow these steps to install SmartEar from source. If you don't want to install from source, download and run the self-installer for your platform (Windows or Linux).

First, you'll need to have compiled Pidgin from the source. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Pidgin. Untar the smartear package and cd to the directory it creates:

tar xzvf smartear-0.78.1.tar.gz
cd smartear-0.78.1
Edit the Makefile and change the following line
To the path to your pidgin source directory (wherever you compiled pidgin). Run make:
SmartEar will compile and install to the Pidgin plugin directory.

Once installed, you have to set up SmartEar. You'll want to disable Pidgin sounds first, by going to Tools->Preferences->Sound Events, and unchecking all the sound events. Next, load the SmartEar plugin. In the Preferences window, go to Plugins, and check SmartEar. Configure it by clicking on the now-active SmartEar item in the tree on the left. You may also add buddies or groups to SmartEar by selecting them in the buddy list, and clicking the SmartEar button on the buddy list toolbar.