Latest version: 1.1


You've reached the home page of BlingBling. BlingBling is a game. Specifically, it is a clone of the puzzle game Puyo Puyo (which itself was a competitor of Tetris). It's bitchin'. Oh by the way, it works in Windows and Linux. It probably also works in most other UNIX flavors, but I've only tried compiling it on those 2 platforms. Seems I forgot to mention that.


As always, check the ChangeLog to see what's new.

Download it

It comes in 2 flavors: Windows, and source code. The Windows self-installers were made using NSIS, my favorite installer generator.


BlingBling requires the following libraries (Windows users need not worry, they are downloaded automatically): I'm not exactly sure which versions will work. The versions I have listed are just what I used.